Booking Tips

Reservation: When you make reservation please share with us your all contact details and make sure what did you wrote. If you want to get ticketing service from us you need to send us passaport copy.

Payment: Payment can be cash or with all credit card, Mastercard, Visa, Amex. Also we dont ask you to pay deposit when you made reservation except the special condition.

Special Condition: If you traveling when the seosan is busy, we can ask you for 35% deposit, or when you have plane tickets and hotel reservation in your schedule.

Currency: We accept almost all currency like TL, Usd, Euro, Paund, Japanes Yen, Frang

Changing of itinerary: If you like to change your itenerary and if its no extra cost for us than you dont need to pay any extra fee, but if there is any extra cost because of changing than you must pay for extra cost.


  • If you dont buy any plane tickets or hotel reservation service than you cancel your tours 48 hours before. If you cancelled in last 48 hours than you need pay only 25% of reservation fee.
  • If you have hotel reservation and if you cancel 1 week before arrival time, You dont have to pay any money. If you cancel in last week of arrival than you must pay for all hotel fee.
  • If you have plane ticket reservation and if you cancelled than you must pay for the how much airlines charge from us.

Responsibility: You are responsible to follow your schedule and also you need to be meeting points on the time what we informed you.